Script Lines

Digital script lining and shot logging for easier script supervision.

iOS 6.1 Required     iPad Only
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Script Lines streamlines the supersion process to make creating film production documents easier. It's an advanced line editor and shot logging tool for the iPad. Quickly navigate through all of your data on set, and export it so that others can do the same. Start distributing more organized documents with an app that was designed to do what you need.

Draw a Lined Script

An on screen line editor allows you to specify the start and stop points of each setup with a straight line, as well as any off camera dialogue with a squiggly line.

Fill-in a Shot Log

Upon drawing a line, the shot is automatically added to your log. Use this list to quickly reference shot details, and log takes during production.

Email When You're Done

Email PDF copies of the lined script, and the shot log.

Easier Script Supervision

Script Lines is powered by a data entry tool that was designed for lining a film script. It allows for precise script markup, and is non-destructive, so that lines can always be edited.

Specify the scene, setup, shot name, INT/EXT, location, sound, framing, camera, roll number, and lens size.

Limitless Shot Logging

Lines are automatically added to the Shot Log, so that you can quickly reference every piece of data that you've entered. There's no limit to the number of takes you can add; the list will just keep growing.

Takes can store the duration, timecode in, timecode out, sound identifier, any notes, and whether or not it is a circled take.

Beautiful PDF Exports

When you're done entering data, you shouldn't need to worry about how you'll share it. Digital distribution is faster, and is an easier way to catalog your work. Script Lines will compose an email for you, and attach your work as a PDF.

Available on the Apple App Store.

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